The standard shipping charges for the USA are based on weight. Priority and other special mailing instructions will cost more. We do ship internationally using either USPS or DHL and that also goes by weight. Sales tax will only be charged to those who live in Florida or purchase a product from us while in Florida.


House Shields - just plug into an electrical outlet in any room in the house. It covers 2,000 sq ft. of one floor. If your home has several floors than you will need one for each floor.
Body Shields – are necklaces that are worn around the neck, and you are covered an arm’s length circumference.
Body Band Bracelets and Beaded Bracelets – they are to be worn on the wrists, and like the Body Shields cover you an arm’s length circumference.
Lasers – they come with directions on usage, but we are not laser light therapist and can not be specific on how to use for your needs.
Smart Guards – they are to be put on your electric meter that is either outside or connected to your house. They have a Velcro glue dot that can be attached to either the glass or the metal box. We suggest that you put it under either of those to protect it from the weather.
Pet Collar – they come in different sizes and just go around the pet’s neck.
Mega and Mirco Technology Shields – they attach with a glue dot that are on the back. On cell phones they can go either under or on top of the case. For appliances and other electrical devices, they can be put anywhere. You can just carry a shield in your bookbag, pocket, purse, or wallet. Cannot be used as a Body Shield 
Health and Wellness products – directions are on the package.
Hydrogen-Rich Water Bottle - Hand Wash Only


On products purchased from a Retail Distributor, they must be returned to them. Products purchased directly from Safe Connect Plus, have a 30-day full refund (minus shipping costs) return policy on any unused products in the original box. Products that are found to be defective we will gladly replace for you. The Beaded Bracelets have a year warranty against breakage. Please call the office for a return/refund form to fill out. We do not offer a money back guarantee for used products, for these reasons: There is no possibility that the products will not work to protect your health in the presence of EMF radiation. The products are not designed to fix existing health problems or make you feel different. The products do not block EMF radiation, so there is nothing to "test" to see if it is working.