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At Safe Connect Plus+, we understand the importance of promoting a healthy body and mind. That's why we've developed the Safe Connect Plus+  Green Laser - a cutting-edge Laser Therapy and bioenergetic Technology device that can help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

Our laser is designed to penetrate and permeate any area of your body to promote support for glands, organs, joints, muscles, tendons, back problems, the central nervous system, your circulatory system, and so much more! This is possible due to the Nano Crystalline Technology and advanced encoding system with precise sound and light waves embedded and encoded with over 240+ resonant frequencies. These frequencies work like a "tuning fork" to bring about more energy, balance, and relief for your body and your pets.

There is a clear understanding of physics that all matter has oscillations, particular waves, or frequencies. We use a proprietary blend of resonant harmonic frequencies formulated by scientists, quantum physicists, doctors, and healthcare practitioners to ensure that our laser is effective and safe for you to use. This formulated blend of harmonic frequencies is encoded into the nanocrystalline technology used in our EMF shielding products and lasers.

Take advantage of this opportunity to promote wellness and vitality in your life. Order yours today!

Due to the sensitive nature of this product, there may be slight variations in the Laser light's intensity levels. These variations are typical for this product. This product's effectiveness is maintained due to these variations. We strongly recommend using high-quality batteries and changing the batteries often for best results.

(Specifications - Wavelength: 532nm (Green) Output Power: <5mW Batteries: 2 x AAA batteries. Dimensions: 7 inches in length,1/2 inch diameter)
Boxes/Packaging may vary.

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Customer Reviews

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Maranatha Schulte
Quality lazer and nice packaging

I instantly felt a sense of peace when I would lazer over various organs! I am excited to see how it impacts me in time...I would like more instruction on how to use it and it's impact in the shipping materials but appreciated the little fancy box it came in and looks like a quality lazer! THANKs

Teresinha Grilliot
Green Lazor

Just started using for the first time.
I like very much; easy to use and I have experienced pain releave from my leg.
looking forward to use on my clients as well.

really works

helped my daughter's twisted ankle decreased swelling

Great device!

Love how easy this is and all that it can do.