“5G and EMF Exposure”

“5G and EMF Exposure”

Let’s not mince words; COVID-19 brought a lot of things to the surface. One of the most famous controversies focused on 5th generation mobile networks, more commonly known as 5G networks. There was no end of claims, studies, and opinions. The mantra to “do your own research” was, ironically enough, as widespread as 5G.

It is a valid question, and any valid question is worth answering. In this article, we will be discussing what exactly is 5G, whether or not it is harmful, and what can be done about it. We’ve done our research for you, and sectioned things off for easy reading.

What is 5G?

In name, it is quite simple: the 5th generation of mobile networks. We’ll spare you the long version and overly complicated terminology. What makes 5G unique is orthogonal capability. In short, this means individual devices can function much further away than previous generations, and have better range and stable connections. It isn’t perfect, but it is always improving.

5G is also relatively easy to use compared to previous generations. If you’ve ever struggled with the Wi-Fi or been annoyed by buffering, it is easy to forget the days of dial-up and even the gentlest of weather slowing things down significantly. Thanks to this, communication is now much clearer and more convenient than ever before. But, there is a flip side to this; 5G is everywhere.

Is this a problem?

The short answer to this is “yes, but…”. We’ll come back to the “but” later. For now, let’s focus on the “yes”.

While the wording is a little weird, the answer will make sense shortly. In 2005, the World Health Organization held a workshop on what has been named EMFs, or Electromagnetic Fields. You can read about EMFs in more detail here: [LINK TO ARTICLE 1]. The important takeaway is that anywhere there is a source of electricity, there will also be EMFs. So, in other words, where there is 5G, there will be EMFs.

These EMFs were eventually linked to what the World Health Organization later named Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, or EHS.

What is EHS?

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is quite similar to an allergy in many ways. Like an allergic reaction, it has been known to cause skin issues. These have been known to include tingling, burning sensations, and rashes. After further research, however, it was discovered that it also had nervous system and muscular symptoms. Confirmed cases reported headaches, sleep disturbances, phantom pain, and muscle aches. Most concerning was the neurological issues, such as fatigue, irritability and increased stress.

If this is the case, why haven’t you heard of this? We’ve yet to see any cases of hospitalization for it, so the World Health Organization has it as a lower priority. Thanks to COVID-19, they won’t have the resources to do anything about it for some time.

Are children susceptible to EHS?

Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure. The World Health Organization’s inquiries only examined adults, and cases were relatively mild to moderate. Adults generally have a better pain tolerance, so it is possible that they may have under reported symptoms. There are a lot of unanswered questions that we need to address.

However, we do know that a lot of children spend a significant amount of time on devices with 5G. If it has internet access, it uses 5G. If you’ve ever seen a child be inexplicably irritable or complaining about odd symptoms with no other cause, it may be time to consider EHS.

Even worse, we don’t know if EHS can cause developmental issues. If the discourse on recent social media is to be believed, we may be facing a generation of uncooperative, underperforming children. At this time, we cannot prove EHS is involved, but we cannot rule it out either.

Does COVID-19 have anything to do with 5G?

Not directly. COVID-19 is a virus, and 5G uses EMFs; a virus is simply too heavy to travel via EMFs alone. It would be like trying to push a pencil using only a flashlight beam. Light and electricity aren’t physically strong enough.

However, we do know that EHS can weaken the immune system. Those symptoms we mentioned above are very similar to auto-immune symptoms; though the research has yet to make a direct link, the similarities shouldn’t be ignored. So, while 5G can’t give you COVID-19, it can theoretically make you more susceptible to COVID-19.

Why do we still use 5G?

As mentioned above, it has more uses than downsides, if you ignore research. This sounds like nonsense on a small scale. On a large scale, it does track. From the perspective of a large government or corporation, 5G expands the reach of society. Easier communication means easier media releases, and consumers can stay informed as they please.

From a government perspective, 5G has a lot of application to the military. It is debatable whether the effects of 5G are known to general leadership, but it is also debatable whether they would care. After all, would you expect a congress person to care unless they were pushed to do so?

This also explains why corporate entities push 5G and any major technological innovation; profit. Easier communication means faster reaction time. Fast paced economics lives and dies by split decisions. After all, stock trading can now be done with the push of a button instantaneously. There is no longer a barrier between ordinary citizens and Wall Street, as much as they’d like you to believe otherwise.

In the end, it all boils down to 5G as a useful resource. Why would major enterprises stop using something that benefits them? Either they do not know about EHS and EMFs given off by 5G, or they don’t care.

Is there a cure?

Since EHS works similarly to an allergy, there is no one dose cure. It is not an infection that you can take antibiotics for. As EMFs are essentially a low dose of radiation, traditional treatments for radiation poisoning are too intense to fix it. EHS works too slow for a fast cure. Treating it too aggressively will do more harm than good, and ignoring it just leaves you to suffer.

But, there is hope.

What can I do?

As with most societal ills, raising awareness is the first step. There is a lot out there about how 5G works, but we aren’t talking much about what 5G does. We know 5G causes EHS. Wherever there is electricity, there are EMFs. The two are indisputably linked, as no one can claim 5G works without electricity.

Start the conversation. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions. Do you or a loved one suffer from any symptoms of EHS with no other explanation? Have you tried everything but still can’t shake those pesky headaches or random bouts of anxiety? Consider EHS.

With such minimal research, EHS is very difficult to diagnose, so it is best to rule everything else out first. But, you can take preventative measures in the meantime, as they are all fairly simple to use and implement. Like 5G, the solution can be just as simple as the problem. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research and put together a list of useful tools you can use to protect yourself against EHS and 5G.

Protective Products

House Shields

Ideally, you want one for each floor of your house. You don’t need to choose the room with the most EMF exposure; these conveniently work on any outlet. Each House Shield covers 2,000 square feet on the floor it is located.

Body Shields

Wear like any necklace. Provides coverage up to an arm’s length around you. These work very well if you intend to go out to somewhere with high EMF exposure, and are ideal for working in an office or medical facility. If a bracelet is impractical for any reason, choose a Body Shield necklace.

Body Band Bracelets and Beaded Bracelets

These work similarly to Body Shield necklaces, and have similar functionality. In this case, the choice is aesthetic. One is typically enough; in groups, you want one per person.


See the packaging. These vary in their individual functions and usage, but if you have a very unique situation where any other product is impractical, consider one of these.

Smart Guards

These are placed on your electric meter on your house. It is advised to place it underneath the box to avoid any weather related damage. They come with a convenient Velcro glue dot to attach easily to the box or glass case around your meter.

Pet Collar

These are conveniently sized for the most common domestic pets, and attach like any other collar. Clip around the neck, and your furry friend will remain safe from EMF over exposure just like you. Although this article has been about human exposure, pets are also susceptible to EMFs. Read all about it here: [LINK]

Mega and Micro Technology Shield

Like the Smart Guard, these come with a glue dot for easy application to any appliance or electronic device you’re particularly concerned about. For cell phones or particularly expensive devices, these can be attached to the protective case safely. These can also be conveniently carried in wallets, purses, or any carry on without issue.

Health and Wellness Products

These are useful for mitigating any symptoms or issues from EMF exposure that may occur. Their usage depends on the product, so be sure to read any included instructions carefully.

Should we stop using 5G?

Though there is no question more research is needed on 5G, EHS, and EMF exposure, the short version is no. The products we’ve identified have been proven to protect against their harmful effects, and there is no reason we cannot benefit from modern conveniences and remain safe. Have that conversation, and take control for yourself.

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