“What are EMFs?”

“What are EMFs?”

Have you ever experienced an unexplained headache, nausea, or just itchy enough to be annoying rash? Do you find yourself randomly stressed, anxious, or generally feeling ‘off’?

If so, we need to talk about EMFs.

EMF” stands for Electromagnetic Field, and they are everywhere. We’ve lived with them as long as the Earth has existed, and we’ve used them to great effect without any real harm. Were it not for EMFs, we would have never traveled outside of our place of birth, as EMF fields maintain compasses and the predictable movement of the tides.

Then, you may ask, what is the problem? Moderation.

Like all good things, it is reasonable to avoid overuse. Until we learned to harness electricity to light our homes, EMF was no more harmful than the natural air around us. Our bodies could (generally) process it without issue, and ill effects had never been documented except in very extreme cases.

What Changed?

You’re looking at it. This blog post isn’t written in a magazine or newspaper like the old days. The device you’re using to read this article is powered by electricity and connected to the internet; in other words, it runs on EMFs. Whether your device is a smart phone, smart watch, or a personal computer, one thing is for sure: they are everywhere.

EMFs are all around you.

In 2005, the World Health Organization met to share their findings about EMFs and their effects on humans. That’s right; we’ve known about this since 2005. They discovered a condition that they refer to as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or EHS.

What is EHS?

Like an allergy to any other substance, EHS is a lower tolerance for EMFs. Also like an allergy, they can vary in levels of severity. The jury is still out on how bad it can actually get, but we do know that it can cause headaches, nausea, itchy rashes, and mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, or depression.

What causes EHS?

Let’s not beat around the bush; EMFs and radiation have a lot in common. Both can be harmful to your health in high doses, but both can be useful if used responsibly. We use radiation for X-Rays and MRIs, and these are by far some of the most beneficial medical advances we’ve made in years. However, there is a reason radiology requires specialized training.

Do I have EHS?

There is no truly conclusive test, as it can vary so widely that a diagnosis in the traditional sense is impossible. Instead, we have to track the symptoms. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, and can find no other explanation, you may be suffering from over exposure to EMFs.

Can I avoid this?

There are natural EMFs that will always be present, and as long as you are near any level of electricity, there will be manmade EMFs. So, they cannot be completely avoided. However, there is still a solution, and it’s been mentioned before: moderation.

Where do I start?

There are three things you should do if you are concerned about EMF exposure or if you suspect you or a loved one has a level of EMS. This can be abbreviated for your convenience as The Three P’s.

  1. Perceive

  2. Plan

  3. Prevent

But, there is one ground rule to cover before we proceed; do not panic. The key to solving any problem is to keep a cool head and work towards a solution. There is a solution. Take a deep breath, take control, and read on. You can do this.

Let’s start with the first P: Perceive.


Just like it sounds, your goal here is to identify the problem. By reading this article, you’re already taking your first steps. Make a list of any electronic devices, outlets, or transmitters nearby. Don’t be alarmed if the list gets quite long; we live in a modern age with modern conveniences. Attempting to completely unplug is impractical and unnecessary.


Generally speaking, the more devices or sources of EMF you have, the more you have to plan for. Areas with high concentrations of EMF may include kitchens, living rooms, and offices. In public places, this also applies to anywhere with a lot of overhead lighting or computers; convenience stores, supermarkets, libraries, and hospitals are examples of this. If you expect to go near or spend time in one of these, then it’s time to explore the final “P”.


Though we’ve discussed a lot of scary things today, I do have some good news; everything here can be prevented and you can protect yourself. Even better, you don’t need to disconnect yourself. You can keep safely browsing Tiktok, playing with your game consoles, and reading useful articles like this one without fear. For this, your needs may vary, but there is always an option.

Prevention lies in the product.

For best results, read any and all instructions for anything you purchase. Plan your usage around the EMF sources you were able to record.

House Shields

Ideally, you want one for each floor of your house. You don’t need to choose the room with the most EMF exposure; these conveniently work on any outlet. Each House Shield covers 2,000 square feet on the floor it is located.

Body Shields

Wear like any necklace. Provides coverage up to an arm’s length around you. These work very well if you intend to go out to somewhere with high EMF exposure, and are ideal for working in an office or medical facility. If a bracelet is impractical for any reason, choose a Body Shield necklace.

Body Band Bracelets and Beaded Bracelets

These work similarly to Body Shield necklaces, and have similar functionality. In this case, the choice is aesthetic. One is typically enough; in groups, you want one per person.


See the packaging. These vary in their individual functions and usage, but if you have a very unique situation where any other product is impractical, consider one of these.

Smart Guards

These are placed on your electric meter on your house. It is advised to place it underneath the box to avoid any weather related damage. They come with a convenient Velcro glue dot to attach easily to the box or glass case around your meter.

Pet Collar

These are conveniently sized for the most common domestic pets, and attach like any other collar. Clip around the neck, and your furry friend will remain safe from EMF over exposure just like you. Although this article has been about human exposure, pets are also susceptible to EMFs. Read all about it here

Mega and Micro Technology Shield

Like the Smart Guard, these come with a glue dot for easy application to any appliance or electronic device you’re particularly concerned about. For cell phones or particularly expensive devices, these can be attached to the protective case safely. These can also be conveniently carried in wallets, purses, or any carry on without issue.

Health and Wellness Products

These are useful for mitigating any symptoms or issues from EMF exposure that may occur. Their usage depends on the product, so be sure to read any included instructions carefully.

Anything else I should know?

Just remember: EMFs are a problem, but it has a solution. Harnessing the power of electricity is just like harnessing the power of fire. Yes, it can burn you, but if you protect yourself, it can be used safely. You don’t have to give up modern conveniences. You can keep seeking medical treatment and step into diagnostic machinery. Stay calm, follow the Three P’s, and you’ll live worry free from EMFs.

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