Shields Up: How House Shields, Smart Guards, and Mega Shields Work for You

Shields Up: How House Shields, Smart Guards, and Mega Shields Work for You

Let's not mince words. Society at large is not doing enough about EMFs. It is a huge double standard, as other potential cancer risks are all required to carry warning labels. Why should electromagnetic emissions get a pass? 

We've yet to get a good argument against regulation. Yet, nothing is being done. This means you will need to take steps to protect yourself. While EMF overexposure is certainly bad news, there is good news to be had with this problem. At Safe Connect Plus, we've created protective technologies to combat the negative effects of EMFs. By popular request, we will explain as much as possible as to how in this article. If you are less interested in the science and more interested in what you can do about it, click here: 

A Brief Word on EMF Overexposure

As public knowledge and concern over EMFs has been increasing in the past few years, existing research that was previously forgotten has returned to the forefront. It can best be summarized as this:

1. In 2004, the World Health Organization identified a link between EMF exposure and a health condition they called "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity", or EHS.

2. Symptoms were broad, but most commonly muscle aches, headaches, generalized anxiety, stress, and rash. In some cases, increased cancer risk was noted with prolonged and excessive exposure.

3. While electromagnetic emissions in low doses are common in nature, our increased reliance on electricity and wireless communication have greatly raised our exposure levels well beyond what our bodies can handle.

Like any field of medical science, there is a lot more to it than that, but that is what you need to know if this is your first time tuning in. In order to explain how we counteract the problem, a baseline needed to be established.

The Specifics

The solution lies within how EMFs actually harm us. It is very much a case of fighting fire with fire. First, EMF radioactive particles are small. While in any other context something being miniscule in size would make it harmless, the opposite is true here. Because of their small size, EMFs easily bypass cellular walls. While a few would not be a major cause of concern, they are rarely low in number. 

Our bodies also carry a natural current, or bioelectricity to them. There are many ways to refer to this. If you've ever heard the terms biorhythms, energy fields, biocurrents, bioharmonics, harmonics, or biofrequencies when referring to the human body, this is generally what it refers to. You may also see the same words without the 'bio' in front of it; in majority of cases, they all mean some variation of the same thing. 

Keeping our body's energy stabilized and in steady rhythm is very important. This is why we use defibrillators and electroshock in the medical field; our nervous system uses small bursts of energy to regulate natural bodily functions, such as breathing, peristalsis, and regulated thought. The term 'brainstorm' is a lot more literal than it seems.

The Issue

Introducing additional current to a closed system has a similar effect to adding water to an already full glass; the excess overflows and disrupts a balanced system. Think of it like a pressurized pipe. More water means damaged pipes, and, if too overfilled, leaks. 

This is where symptoms from EMF exposure arise from. Your body is not built to take in the excess, and overflow before it is able to integrate and process the extra energy can damage cells or tax them. While we've yet to discover any cases of a sudden onset of dangerous symptoms, it will most certainly make you feel sick in the short term while weakening your body to greater threats in the long term.

The Solutions

A scientific problem can only be solved with a scientific solution. Luckily, Safe Connect Plus is aware of the serious health concerns of EMFs, and after countless years of development have produced many solutions. All of these protective products are easy to use, affordable, and safe. 

These measures work through a combination of harmonization and nanocrystalline technology. First, every protective device is appropriately harmonized. The concept of harmonization is complex, but the important takeaway is that there are a large number of wavelengths, ranging from ultrasound, radio waves, and similar frequencies. These products attune to any that might cause your body harm, acting as a filter while also using your body's own rhythm continuously do so.

In other words, it uses your body's natural energy to continuously clean whatever unwanted EMFs come into contact with you. Individually worn protective measures utilize an all-natural, non-toxic plant based resin material that has been specially crystallized on the nano level, which is small enough to catch even the smallest EMF particles. Stationary protective devices harmonize emitted particles at the source, cleaning them before they even leave the device. 

As such, the devices work best when used in combination. To maximize protection, we recommend at least one protective device per member of your household, including pets.

EMF House Shields

Because EMFs can show up anywhere electronic devices and sources of electricity are anchored, most modern homes are a significant risk factor to overexposure. This is not just limited to handheld electronic devices either; desktop computers, appliances, and electrical outlets. Anything carrying current is a potential source of unwanted and excessive EMF radiation.

The EMF House Shield syncs up with your home's current once plugged in, filtering the problem at its source once it enters the home. The current is cleaned as it runs along your electrical outlets. Each devices covers up to 2,000 square feet, though especially large households may want to consider two just to be certain. EMF House Shields are available in both USA and European style outlets for global protection. 

You can find the USA Version here:

You can find the European Version here: 

EMF Smart Guard Shields

If your household uses a great deal of electronic devices with high frequency (such as video gaming, streaming, or charging smart devices at overnight), consider an EMF Smart Guard Shield. 

These protective devices attach directly to any external box/device containing a smart meter. This can include water, gas, or electrical boxes. If it has a meter, it is a candidate for this device. Using it is very easy; simply stick the disk to the bottom of the box. While it can adhere to any part of the smart meter, it is not heavy weatherproof, so picking a location where it minimizes contact with heavy wind or frost is critical. If your home uses more than 800 kilowatt hours per month, we recommend one Smart Guard per smart metered device. 

You can find the EMF Smart Guard Shield here:

EMF Mega Shield Series

Let's face it; we're all plugged in to our mobile devices to an extent. You might be reading this very article on your phone. While we certainly appreciate you giving us your time, that device definitely needs to be optimized with EMF protection! 

Thankfully, the Mega Shield Series utilizes the same revolutionary technology that the EMF Smart Guard pioneered, but portable. Simply stick the disk to whichever device (or devices) you most frequently use. Once it is securely in place, it works immediately to protect you against the hazards of 5G and other EMF emissions. 

As this is something you'll see quite a lot on a daily basis, the Mega Shield Series comes in a variety of colors and designs. These are simply aesthetic, of course, but if you are going to take positive steps towards your health, why not look good while doing it? Our Silver-On-Black, Wings of Peace, and Healing River designs are sure to turn heads and start important conversations. At Safe Connect Plus, we firmly believe that everyone needs to understand and work towards solving this modern age health crisis. 

Take control of your health and safety today. You can find the Mega Shield Series here: 

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