Cell Phones: All or Nothing?

Cell Phones: All or Nothing?

They’re the second and third best inventions since sliced bread. They bring us communication, calculations, and, thanks to Doordash, the occasional cupcake. Convenience, all rechargeable with a simple plug in the wall.

All In One

The telephone and personal computer are without a doubt truly revolutionary technologies. Now, through the brilliant innovation of many a hardworking engineer, we’ve brought them together in a single, portable form. Enter the smartphone.

Granted, as you just might be reading this very article on a phone, it is fair to say you don’t care for an explanation on how they work. But, you should know how they can affect you.

Simon Says

Let’s start at the beginning. Though Blackberry is often credited as the very first smart device, that honor actually goes to the Simon Personal Computer. The images of this thing are, compared to the device you probably have within arm’s reach, completely antique. Though cell phones have been in circulation since the very late 90s, they utilized very little power until smart phones entered the picture.

Now, even children have easy access to smart devices. More and more parents are choosing to give their kids phones of their own, and media attractive to children draws them to frequent usage. Entire families are surrounded by their smartphones, and while this is not a problem by itself, all this usage generates something you should know about: EMFs.

What are EMFs?

EMF stands for “electromagnetic field”, and they are everywhere. In the natural world, this is not necessarily a problem; biological electricity is normal, as it is how your brain and heart communicate with one another (in very simplified terms). However, EMFs are a form of radiation, and anywhere we utilize electricity will generate EMFs. You can read more about the science behind EMFs here

Think of EMFs as you would think of fire. It is entirely natural, but it must be controlled and monitored. Like any radiation, it can have negative health repercussions. In fact, the National Cancer Institute discovered a link between childhood cancers and high EMF exposure. Though these are far from common, it is absolutely worth taking note of.

Why should you care?

In lesser amounts, the World Health Organization identified a form of sensitivity to EMFs they call “electromagnetic hypersensitivity”, or EHS. The symptoms of EHS can vary widely, but have been noted to include headaches, muscle aches, and sleep disturbances. The possibility of neurological symptoms has not been ruled out, as confirmed cases also reported increased stress and anxiety. Even worse, EHS is very difficult to diagnose individually. You can read more about EHS and its long running effects here

It is best not to mince words; this can be some scary stuff. After all, any sources or device that utilizes electricity can release EMFs, and although the levels can vary, it is clear what could happen with over exposure.

Hold the Phone…

Now, before you throw out your phone and switch off all of your electronics, stop. It is entirely reasonable to be just a little worried after reading something like that, and you should certainly do something. However, burning the proverbial bridge isn’t going to solve the problem. After all, you likely need your phone or personal computer.

There’s no shame in it. The modern world is perpetually plugged in. Smartphones are an integral part of society, and without them, we would be dangerously disconnected from one another. After all, if there is an emergency of any kind, would you rather know sooner rather than later? You need your phone.

The same likely goes for the rest of your family. They would want to know if something happened to you; disconnection is just not practical. Even if you could completely cut yourself off, you cannot and should not force anyone else to do the same. Ideal or not, you will be exposed to EMFs from all sides. So, preparation and understanding are crucial.

Working Backwards

In this article, we’ve worked backwards. To better prepare for the problem, you needed to understand the problem. By the time you read this post, you may or may not be suffering from EHS. There’s no harm in being proactive. To start, know the problem.

First, it is important to document every source of EMF exposure you may be exposed to on a daily basis. Luckily, this is fairly easy to do, if a bit extensive. Anything that utilizes electricity is a potential source. There is no middle ground here; if it plugs in or uses a battery, EMFs are involved. For now, just write this down. Don’t worry about how often just yet.

Needless to say, this will be a big list. Again, there is no reason to panic. EMF range can vary in both diameter and intensity, so it is best to document if you are within ten feet or less, including electrical outlets. We are only worrying about household sources for now, so don’t worry about the electrical meter for now. That is an entirely new issue in itself, which you can read more about here

What Now?

So, you’ve got the list in hand. What now? Preparation is key. This is why we placed such a heavy emphasis on understanding the problem first and foremost. There is a solution. After all, if you can understand something, you can treat it. As EMFs are a form of radiation, several options for shielding are commercially available.

At a minimum, we recommend at least one preventative measure for each member of your household. This includes pets. Your needs may vary, as no two households have the same needs, but sticking to the ratio we outlined will help you survive these risky, but crucial technologies. Disconnection is impossible, but prevention is probable.

Below we’ve outlined some useful purchases that should suit most household needs. Remember, at a minimum, one preventative measure per member of the household, including pets is the ideal ratio.

Protective Products

House Shields

Ideally, you want one for each floor of your house. You don’t need to choose the room with the most EMF exposure; these conveniently work on any outlet. Each House Shield covers 2,000 square feet on the floor it is located.

Body Shields

Wear like any necklace. Provides coverage up to an arm’s length around you. These work very well if you intend to go out to somewhere with high EMF exposure, and are ideal for working in an office or medical facility. If a bracelet is impractical for any reason, choose a Body Shield necklace.

Body Band Bracelets and Beaded Bracelets

These work similarly to Body Shield necklaces, and have similar functionality. In this case, the choice is aesthetic. One is typically enough; in groups, you want one per person.


See the packaging. These vary in their individual functions and usage, but if you have a very unique situation where any other product is impractical, consider one of these.

Smart Guards

These are placed on your electric meter on your house. It is advised to place it underneath the box to avoid any weather related damage. They come with a convenient Velcro glue dot to attach easily to the box or glass case around your meter.

Pet Collar

These are conveniently sized for the most common domestic pets, and attach like any other collar. Clip around the neck, and your furry friend will remain safe from EMF over exposure just like you. Although this article has been about human exposure, pets are also susceptible to EMFs. Read all about it here

Mega and Micro Technology Shield

Like the Smart Guard, these come with a glue dot for easy application to any appliance or electronic device you’re particularly concerned about. For cell phones or particularly expensive devices, these can be attached to the protective case safely. These can also be conveniently carried in wallets, purses, or any carry on without issue.

Health and Wellness Products

These are useful for mitigating any symptoms or issues from EMF exposure that may occur. Their usage depends on the product, so be sure to read any included instructions carefully.

Should I continue to use cell phones?

With any great innovation, there is always a risk of something untoward happening. Most people have access to or utilize a car, and they have incredible potential to be dangerous.

Yet, the danger is easy to mitigate. To minimize damage from collisions, we added seat belts and air bags. Vehicle frames have become more flexible in order to ensure accident damage stops on the car rather than the passengers.

The key here is mitigation. If something has dangerous potential, we have a duty to reduce that as much as possible. These products are an excellent solution, and they are easy to use. Don’t wait for sweeping change; be the change. Every step forward towards reducing the harmful effects of EMFs is progress.

Protect yourself, and protect others. See what’s right for you and your family. You’ll be happy you did.

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