Are My Pets Safe From EMFs?

Are My Pets Safe From EMFs?

They live in your house. They don’t pay rent. They make messes, and always expect you to clean up after them. Sometimes, they stink. Sometimes they steal your food. In even stranger cases, they seem to short circuit and go wild, demolishing everything in their path before mysteriously settling back down again with no rhyme or reason.

But you love them, and they love you back.

We’re talking about pets.

These days, the need for a hunting companion or free rodent control is well behind us. Now, we look for something to wag its tail or purr when we come around. In the modern world, we’re only interested in the “fun” part of “functional”, so the only real qualification to join our households is to be adorable. A pet is part of the family. Kids or not, there is always room for a dog or a cat in your heart.

They love us right back.

While a furry friend won’t pay their share of the rent in cash, they do bring an unseen benefit to the table. By now, there is no debate; having a pet is good for both your mental and physical health. A dog is an excuse to go out and about, as they too need walks and trips outside to use the bathroom. If they’re walking, so are you. Though they can get a little overprotective, there is no question that they love you and always will. This unconditional support is an excellent resource for mental health. Dogs save lives, and there is no question of this by now.

Though cats have a reputation for being loners and generally aloof, they are the opposite. Besides being generally funny to watch, little is more soothing than the soft purr of a grateful feline. As it turns out, cats purr between 25 and 140 Hz, or Hertz. This is within a range known to reduce blood pressure, stimulate tissue growth, and relieve stress. Cats are where we got the idea for vibrational therapy, which when targeted can promote bone repair and stimulate joints. In other words, cats love us so much that they can heal us on a cellular level.

Big or small, pets find ways to help us. Their efforts can go unseen, but certainly heard. It is reasonably that we have the responsibility to do the same. If you were hurting your pet in some way, wouldn’t you want to stop that?

Let’s talk about EMFs.

Ever since we’d learned to harness fire, humanity has been hungry to discover and innovate. This is not usually a bad thing. After all, were it not for the lofty aspirations of Nikola Tesla and Alexander Graham Bell, you would not be reading this article. When stable electrical current met telephone communication, the smart phone was (eventually) born. In the age of information, we just couldn’t ignore such a useful innovation.

But, just like fire, proper precautions need to be taken. Otherwise we may just get burned.

What are EMFs?

The name stands for electromagnetic fields, and they are a natural occurrence in nature. Many animals, including many species of rodents, fish, and insects can perceive them. The most famous example you’ve likely seen is salmon or flocks of birds knowing exactly where to migrate; they are following magnetic poles.

The problem is that just because something is natural doesn’t mean it can’t be harmless. After all, cyanide comes from the humble almond. This is why only certain variants are safe to eat, and certainly not in extreme quantities. EMFs work largely the same way; safe in reasonable amounts, problematic in large doses. For a more detailed breakdown of how EMFs work and the longer list of their effects, read all about it here: [LINK TO ARTICLE 1]

Recently, 5G technology came under fire for potential health issues as a result of overuse. If you want a more detailed breakdown on how that works, you can read about it here: [LINK TO ARTICLE 2].

The important takeaway is this: EMFs can be harmful in saturated doses. Findings by the World Health Organization named this condition EHS, or electromagnetic hypersensitivity. If you’ve ever felt unexplained stress, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, headaches, or nausea, EHS may be the cause.

This would be bad enough on its own, but what about our pets? Are your pets vulnerable to EMFs?

Unfortunately, yes.

You’ll notice we mentioned rodents on our list above. Mammals all have the ability to perceive EMFs to some extent. Animals are generally better at it than we are, as outlined above. Though our cats aren’t going to be browsing Doordash to order takeout (though I’m sure some of them certainly would if given the ability), they will be in the same room as such EMF emitting devices.

The important rule is that wherever there is an electrical current, there will be EMFs. This also applies to internet connections, hence the controversies around 5G. If you are receiving side effects from EMF exposure, your pet could be as well.

Do pets show obvious symptoms of EHS?

While some of the symptoms may be obvious, they are often not noticeable at all. Pets are notorious for hiding any and all health issues until it is impossible for them to do so. It isn’t really their fault. Their instincts tell them to hide any sign of sickness, and they can’t help it.

This means the responsibility falls in you to monitor their health. If your pet seems off for a noticeable span of time, don’t hesitate to take them to the veterinarian. Vet trips may be expensive, but your furry friend would do the same for you in a heartbeat.

What will my vet typically do about EHS?

Generally, not much. But that is okay.

In humans, research on the negative impacts of EMF exposure has been minimal at best. In fact, the last significant study was done by the WHO in 2006. There has been on and off research since then, but nothing that changes what we already know. We know EMFs are harmful to varying degrees of exposure, and we know that electronic devices all cause them. We also know that there are preventable measures that you, as a consumer, can take to protect yourself and those that you love.

The biggest issue is that EHS is incredibly hard to diagnose. Headaches are a symptom of many diseases, ranging from the common cold to various cancers. Even when we can diagnose it, the treatments are always for symptoms associated with it. There’s no singular “EHS medicine” we can give, but we can relieve headaches with low grade painkillers, treat rashes with medicated cream, and prescribe mood stabilizers for extreme mental distress. This is fine, and you should take what you are given even if the diagnosis is not marked as EHS. Medicine is rarely a singular, perfect pill, and we can solve a problem of science with science.

What can I do to protect my pet and myself?

As a consumer, you can always purchase preventative measures to help balance out the amount of EMFs you are exposed to. This means you can continue to use revolutionary, life changing technology without fear. We’ve included a list of products that you can acquire for a reasonable price, including pet collars. Protect your home, protect your pet, and protect yourself.

We may never have a singular cure all for the negative impact of 5G and EMFs. However, we are far from helpless, and by working together and spreading awareness of the problem, we can safely use well intentioned science with only one convenient step. Follow these recommendations, and choose what works best for you.

Protective Products

House Shields

Ideally, you want one for each floor of your house. You don’t need to choose the room with the most EMF exposure; these conveniently work on any outlet. Each House Shield covers 2,000 square feet on the floor it is located.

Body Shields

Wear like any necklace. Provides coverage up to an arm’s length around you. These work very well if you intend to go out to somewhere with high EMF exposure, and are ideal for working in an office or medical facility. If a bracelet is impractical for any reason, choose a Body Shield necklace.

Body Band Bracelets and Beaded Bracelets

These work similarly to Body Shield necklaces, and have similar functionality. In this case, the choice is aesthetic. One is typically enough; in groups, you want one per person.


See the packaging. These vary in their individual functions and usage, but if you have a very unique situation where any other product is impractical, consider one of these.

Smart Guards

These are placed on your electric meter on your house. It is advised to place it underneath the box to avoid any weather related damage. They come with a convenient Velcro glue dot to attach easily to the box or glass case around your meter.

Pet Collar

These are conveniently sized for the most common domestic pets, and attach like any other collar. Clip around the neck, and your furry friend will remain safe from EMF over exposure just like you. Although this article has been about human exposure, pets are also susceptible to EMFs. Read all about it here: [LINK]

Mega and Micro Technology Shield

Like the Smart Guard, these come with a glue dot for easy application to any appliance or electronic device you’re particularly concerned about. For cell phones or particularly expensive devices, these can be attached to the protective case safely. These can also be conveniently carried in wallets, purses, or any carry on without issue.

Health and Wellness Products

These are useful for mitigating any symptoms or issues from EMF exposure that may occur. Their usage depends on the product, so be sure to read any included instructions carefully.

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