Hydro-Infused: The Next Level of Water

Hydro-Infused: The Next Level of Water

It isn’t really a hidden health secret. You should probably drink more water. After all, water is a part of us, with our bodies being comprised of at least 70% water. Water keeps you moving, quite literally.

But that is not news. What is worth looking at is how we’ve found ways to improve upon water. It sounds improbable, but with advances in modern science, water reached a whole new level. We can already see you scratching your head.

How do you improve water?

That is a valid question, but the answer comes with one word: hydrogen. On some level, water already contains hydrogen. This is what the ‘H’ in ‘H2O’ stands for, along with O for oxygen. Our bodies need both; hydrogen moves oxygen along, and oxygen enriches us. But research suggests the hydrogen might be more crucial to the process than we thought.

And so we come to the way to improve upon what we previously thought could not be improved upon; hydrogen-infusion. It is quickly becoming a subject of repeated research, and the results don’t lie. In January 2024, the International Journal of Molecular Sciences decided to put hydro-infused water to the test.

What was the result?

In an independently funded study, researchers studied the effects of hydro-infused water on several subjects. Don’t worry; we’ll explain exactly what some of these mean with the findings. The findings are detailed below, but if you just want the short version, hydrogen-infusion works very well and has a lot of potential; we go over the conclusion here:  But, if anyone’s ever skeptical, feel free to cite this section!

  • Physical Exercise
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • COVID-19
  • Dialysis
  • Cancer
  • Mental Health
  • Liver function
  • Aging

Physical Exercise looked at a group of runners and had them do their thing, giving them hydro-infused water as they exerted themselves. Runners showed better performance and quicker recovery times. In other words, they ran better. Hydrogen-infused water helps with exercise.

Oxidative Stress is, quite simply, general wear and tear. Over time, oxygen can wear down our cells, as in an ideal world we take it in, get what we need out of it, and flush it back out. The study found that on a cellular level, hydro-infused water helped ‘flush’ lingering particles out of living cells. We’re not going to get into that hard science, but the key takeaway is our bodies love it. You’ll see this term come up a few more times.

Cardiovascular Health represents anything related to your heart, lungs, and general circulation. This is where things get very interesting. Blood glucose and bad cholesterol levels were lower, and good cholesterol levels increased. In easier to read terms, this meant that hydrogen-infused water has health benefits for diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Even better, results showed up within only two weeks of regular hydro-infused water supplements. It works well, and it works fast.

COVID-19 should be obvious; we were all there. But you’ll be happy to read that hydrogen-infused water helps against ‘long COVID’, as well as managing some symptoms during the active part of the disease. It helped against ‘decreased inhalation’, which is a long-winded way of saying breathing trouble, as well as lowering cytokine cascade, where the immune system effectively panics and tries to remove the virus by any means possible. Hydrogen-infused water not only helped reduce this problem, but helped heal the damage resulting from it. Research in this aspect is ongoing, but very promising.

Dialysis is, unfortunately, kidney problems, including kidney failure. This part of the study was a bit different, as scientists compared another previously used supplement, alkaline water, against hydrogen-infused water. Alkaline water had been used as a health aid for dialysis for years, but this very study proved hydrogen-infused water outperforms alkaline water on multiple levels. Though nothing can truly cure kidney failure, dialysis related fatigue and strain on the kidneys were reduced, as well as reducing oxidative stress; in short, it helped even injured kidneys on a cellular level.

Cancer is, well, cancer. It has long been shown that oxidative stress can form tumors. As we’ve already proved that hydrogen-infused water helps with oxidative stress, we can safely say it can help prevent cancer, at least to some level. While it will take a very long time to find all the potential uses of hydro-infusion when fighting cancer, initial tests showed potential tumor shrinking, fibrosis, and collagen levels.

Mental Health also needs no real introduction. It also had some of the easiest to measure results. Over a period of four weeks, hydrogen-infused water caused an improvement in overall mood, lower anxiety, and general body pain. While this will take more long term study to maximize the benefits, this happened in only four weeks. As far as health supplements go, this borders on unprecedented.

Liver function is an increasing cause for concern in modern society, as high fat diets, alcoholism, and disease are all easy to encounter risks. The range of liver issues can be so broad that this particular study focused on just two aspects of the problem; chronic hepatitis B and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The results were undeniable. Hepatitis B carriers showed improved liver function and lower levels of the virus. Individuals with NAFLD showed decreased body mass index (BMI) and decreased fat accumulation on the liver. The results, as with the previous subjects, don’t lie. Hydrogen-infused water works.

Aging comes in last, but certainly not least. This particular part of the study needs a lot longer to show just how far reaching the benefits truly are, but in the short term, hydrogen-infused water helped with generalized pain, brain metabolic processes, and lower extremity strength. So, most of the annoyances with aging can be reduced with hydrogen-infused water. While conclusive results need someone to actually age to determine just how early the effects can benefit us in the long run, as we’ve already established that hydrogen-infused water helps against oxidative stress, increased longevity/a longer life is possible.

So, what is the takeaway?

That was an awful lot to discuss, but here is the important conclusion: hydrogen-infused water works. Because it can fight off oxidative stress, it can help with a huge variety of health issues. Heart disease, diabetes, liver health, kidney health and even cancer showed marked improvement with a regular supplement of hydrogen-infused water.

As impossible as it sounds, we have improved water. As hydrogen was already part of it and a completely natural part of our bodies as is, the process is all natural and nontoxic. After all, hydrogen-infused water is a natural form of detox. With hindsight, it is a wonder this idea hadn’t been explored sooner.

How can I get started?

While there are many methods for infusing hydrogen into your drinking water, we’re proud to offer an all-in-one solution for your convenience. With the Safe Connect Plus Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle, you can infuse your drinking water with precious hydrogen and enjoy the health benefits we’ve outlined above. On top of that, it also shields your drinking water from harmful EMFs, or electromagnetic fields.

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