The iPad Generation: Saving Gen Alpha

The iPad Generation: Saving Gen Alpha

Generation Alpha. iPad kids. Teachers fear them. Thanks to TikTok, you might be worried about their futures. The evidence is overwhelming: these kids can't and won't read.

There's been a lot of proposed causes, as well as proposed solutions. We'll be discussing one today that no one seems to be talking about: oversaturation of EMFs.

First, we'll need to set the stage a bit. Who exactly is Generation Alpha? What exactly is happening in schools that have seemingly everyone except parents concerned? And, most importantly, what can we do about it?

Generation Alpha, or just Gen Alpha, is any child born from 2010 to the mid 2020s. They are also due to be the largest generation rivaling the baby boom after World War 2. When Gen Alpha starts having kids of their own, they'll be Generation Beta, which we're expecting to see in earnest after 2025 at the absolute earliest. In an ideal world, we want them to show up after 2030, but it is best to prepare for the worst just in case. 

Unfortunately, the worst seems to be severe behavioral problems, learning difficulties, and trouble with reading comprehension bordering on full illiteracy. In other words, these kids are badly behaved and can't read. As the oldest members of Gen Alpha will be joining the work force within the next few years, this is a serious problem. 

Now, we need to be upfront with one thing: not all Gen Alpha kids are having this issue. In fact, those born latest have generally performed better than their younger counterparts. The problem is scale. Studies have reported that at least 30% of children in elementary school settings missed crucial literacy checkpoints. It's even worse in lower income areas, with over 40% bordering on complete illiteracy at the elementary level. In the worst cases, children about to enter middle school can barely write their own name, don't know what state they live in, and can't name the president. They also ranged from belligerent to outright violent when asked to do something they don't want to do. 

It's safe to say that you're probably very keen to know what in the world is going on with these kids. While the 2020 COVID lockdowns certainly played a significant part, research suggests that the solution is much simpler than that: oversaturation. This generation received the nickname of 'iPad kids' due to an abundance of what it says on the tin. Kids have easy and often unrestricted access to iPads and smartphones, often spending hours binging curated content tailored to them. 

The problem with that is twofold. First, the curated content is meant to be colorful and meritless. It is designed to get clicked on, at which point the child will be exposed to intentionally annoying, loud, and fast nonsense. Children are easily hooked on this thanks to their developing brains. When they should be viewing wholesome, semi-educational content, this clickbait content farming comes up first

In other words, they are being conditioned to have short attention spans and be interested only in short, immediate bursts of loud, pointless content. Children overexposed to this have been reported to have no interest in longer form entertainment or reading, effectively killing their desire for traditional movies, music, or books. They have also shown increased aggression when denied their electronic time.

If you're seeing similarities to a traditional addiction, you aren't alone. Experts believe that some of these children are literally addicted to their devices. All the while, these children are being subjected to huge amounts of constant electromagnetic radiation, also known as EMFs. EMF exposure has been linked to a myriad of health issues, ranging from irritability, muscle aches, anxiety, generalized stress, and headaches. 

That's the crux of the argument we're proposing here. Generation Alpha is addicted to poorly curated digital content, and the resulting EMF overexposure is causing them to be irritable, violent, and have increasingly poor health. This feeds into itself, and worsens the problem in a way that won't improve on its own. 

So, these kids are literally addicted to devices that are hurting them, both mentally and physically. What do we do? 

The obvious solution is limiting screen time. However, as we've established, this won't solve the EMF problem. It has to be attacked on both fronts. Not only do these children need to have restricted access to their devices, but their devices need to be made safer when they do use them. Only once their screen time is limited and any potential symptoms of EMF overexposure have some time to heal can discipline be established. 

So, how do you protect your children from EMF overexposure? While you can control their screen time at home, you won't be able to reliably do so 24/7. To counteract this, we recommend EMF protection products. These are designed to "clean" EMFs and remove any illness inducing impurities. After all, EMFs are a natural product of the planet's core. Some levels are tolerable and fine, but electronic overexposure is not. 

We've outlined a list of your options below. In order to ensure effective and thorough preventative measures, we recommend at least one protective product for each member of your household, including pets. In this case, especially one for your children's electronic devices. 

Only by working together can we make sure Generation Alpha is ready to take the reins going forward. Protect yourself; protect the future. 

Protective Products

House Shields

Ideally, you want one for each floor of your house. You don’t need to choose the room with the most EMF exposure; these conveniently work on any outlet. Each House Shield covers 2,000 square feet on the floor it is located.

Body Shields

Wear like any necklace. Provides coverage up to an arm’s length around you. These work very well if you intend to go out to somewhere with high EMF exposure, and are ideal for working in an office or medical facility. If a bracelet is impractical for any reason, choose a Body Shield necklace.

Body Band Bracelets and Beaded Bracelets

These work similarly to Body Shield necklaces, and have similar functionality. In this case, the choice is aesthetic. One is typically enough; in groups, you want one per person.


See the packaging. These vary in their individual functions and usage, but if you have a very unique situation where any other product is impractical, consider one of these.

Smart Guards

These are placed on your electric meter on your house. It is advised to place it underneath the box to avoid any weather related damage. They come with a convenient Velcro glue dot to attach easily to the box or glass case around your meter.

Pet Collar

These are conveniently sized for the most common domestic pets, and attach like any other collar. Clip around the neck, and your furry friend will remain safe from EMF over exposure just like you. Although this article has been about human exposure, pets are also susceptible to EMFs. Read all about it here:

Mega and Micro Technology Shield

Like the Smart Guard, these come with a glue dot for easy application to any appliance or electronic device you’re particularly concerned about. For cell phones or particularly expensive devices, these can be attached to the protective case safely. These can also be conveniently carried in wallets, purses, or any carry on without issue.

Health and Wellness Products

These are useful for mitigating any symptoms or issues from EMF exposure that may occur. Their usage depends on the product, so be sure to read any included instructions carefully.

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